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Why servicing your appliances regularly is a good idea
Nov 04, 2017

With a majority of our homes covered with appliances, there’s a lot that can go haywire. Just like our bodies need to be kept in tip-top shape, our appliances like to be pampered too - if you want them to operate at their full potential.

Here’s a list of things that tend to go wrong if you don’t service them.

Cord checks: Servicing your appliances involves detailed checks for frayed cords. Frayed and damaged electric blankets are extremely hazardous, so always check your blankets before use, especially if they have been stored away during the warmer months. Check your cords regularly and replace any frayed or damaged cords immediately.

Electrical boards: Switches and electrical boards, when cracked or broken are hazardous. Make sure you’re constantly replacing old ones with newer ones for the safety of your home. It’s always safer to get a certified electrician to do this.

Overloaded Circuit: While an overloaded circuit won’t necessarily burn your house down, it can cause you extreme inconvenience if the oven stops working an hour before dinner. If you find that you are having regular short circuits, you should check every appliance carefully, to establish where the problem may be originating. Certain appliances, especially old and outdated ones tend to consume more power than a circuit can handle.

Water: More often than we realize, your appliances’ proximity to water is damaging it slowly and steadily from the inside. Try to keep all electrical appliances away from water, and never touch anything electrical while you are standing in or near water, or when your hands are wet.